Do You Own a Chevy V8?


In this example we pulled these parts off a 2015 Chevy Tahoe but any Chevy V8 from 2004-2017 might have this same issue. So, Chevy owners, take note!

This tiny little piece of technology (aka displacement on demand system) is what helps your gas mileage when you are driving around town, but if left unchecked could damage your engine and/or your catalytic convertor.

How does the displacement on demand system work? Well, when you aren’t pulling something or going up hill you don’t need all eight cylinders so this little feat of modern car technology goes into gear and shuts off the cylinders you don’t need. Sounds great until it doesn’t…

If you have a Chevy V8, and you have noticed a tick, backfire or misfire this might be the problem. Give Integrity Automotive’s car specialists a call today to schedule an appointment before this little problem becomes a big one.

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