DIY Good Intentions Turns to DIY Don’t



This 2004 Ford F150 we are sad to say is an example of an all to common scenario that we come across. The owner had issues with the timing jumping and being rather mechanically inclined thought he could fix it himself. Unfortunately, the repair was not done just right and when the customer went to turn on the truck again the timing chain jumped again, and this time it did major damage.

Integrity Automotive’s repair specialist had to break the news that the best option was to replace the engine. The good news was now they have a new remanufactured engine with a warranty so they can feel safe driving knowing a good engine with a three year warranty is under the hood.

Let this be a reminder to all the DIY’ers out there. Don’t get us wrong we love you guys! We love talking car repair but please recognize when you might be over your head and bring it to Integrity Automotive before a cheap repair becomes a complete new rebuild. 

At Integrity Automotive, our goal is to honestly inform our customers of their options and let them choose what is best for their car/truck and their pocket book. Integrity Automotive prides itself on its upfront pricing with no hidden costs and whenever possible gives the customer multiple options to fit their needs and price range. Integrity Automotive’s goal has always been to help people make their car or truck better and more reliable.

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