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Check Your Brakes at Integrity Automotive

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The Importance of Checking Your Brake Pads

Everyone knows that awful screeching sound, like nails on the chalkboard, we have all heard it on our own car or on someone else’s driving through a parking lot. But, what does that sound really mean and should you be worried about it if it happens to your own car?

The simple answer is yes.

That scraping sound or “squealing” as some call it is not a noise to ignore and believe it or not your car is designed to make that noise.

That sound is a way for your car to warn you that your brake pads are low and it is time to think about getting them replaced soon. It’s a rather ingenious design really. I mean have you ever tried to physically look at your brake pads, rather impossible.

We know most people don’t tend to think about how your car works, they just expect it to, especially when you hit the brakes. But just like you need to fill your tank when you are low on gas, you need to replace your brake pads before they hit “E” because “E” on your brake pads is the same as “E” on your fuel gauge.

So if you choose to ignore your squealer and keep driving you could end up paying the price in more ways than one!

First, is your safety as well as those around you. Imagine coming to a red light hitting the brakes and nothing happens….

Second, there is the additional cost to your pocket book. Replacing brake pads is significantly cheaper than replacing brake pads, rotors and even possibly the calibers.

At Integrity Automotive we offer a FREE brake inspection to check the condition of your brakes. Give us a call at 775.351.2500 to schedule your FREE brake inspection today!

Integrity Automotive offers routine maintenance on all cars, trucks and SUV’s. They are happy to help with your scheduled services and oil changes regardless if they are foreign or domestic. We work on all types of cars from high-end sports cars, to regular street cars and even the old clunker you can’t seem to let go of.

Additional services Integrity Automotive offers include:

● Brake Inspection
● Electrical
● Routine Maintenance
● Oil Change
● Brake Repair
● Tune-Up
● Cooling System Repair
● A/C Recharge
● Custom Fabrication
● Timing Belts
● Thermostats
● Free Pre-Sale / Purchase Inspections
● Free Diagnostics Scan
● Full Restorations
● Dealer Maintenance
● Major Repairs
● Overhauls
● Transmissions
● Drive Train
● Fabricating
● Scheduled Maintenance
● Welding
● And more!

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