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Which Battery Will Start Your Car?

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It’s true, just looking at the outside condition of your car battery will not tell you how well it is working. Can
you look at that AA battery you found in the back of your junk drawer and confidently put it in your flashlight
expect it to work when needed? Why would you assume the same when it comes to your car?

Integrity Automotive offers a free charging system check.

We will check the condition of your battery and let you know if your battery is functioning properly or if it
might be time to think about a new one.

Did you know the fluid in your battery can actually run low? Due to the chemical reaction that is happen
inside your battery it can actually cause the fluid to evaporate over time. So on days like today when it is
extremely cold outside your battery may not be able to give your car the energy it needs to start, leaving you
out in the cold.

If you are in need of a new battery, mention you saw this on Facebook and get 20% off your battery
replacement service!

Give us a call to schedule your free battery check to make sure you’re not the one out in the cold!

Integrity Automotive offers routine maintenance on all cars, trucks and SUV’s. They are happy to help with
your scheduled services and oil changes regardless if they are foreign or domestic. They work on all types
of cars from high-end sports cars, to regular street cars and even the old clunker you can’t seem to let go of.

Additional services Integrity Automotive offers include:

● Brake Inspection
● Electrical
● Routine Maintenance
● Oil Change
● Brake Repair
● Tune-Up
● Cooling System Repair
● A/C Recharge
● Custom Fabrication
● Timing Belts
● Thermostats
● Free Pre-Sale / Purchase Inspections
● Free Diagnostics Scan
● Full Restorations
● Dealer Maintenance
● Major Repairs
● Overhauls
● Transmissions
● Drivetrain
● Fabricating
● Scheduled Maintenance
● Welding
● And more!

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