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We offer FREE pre-car purchase inspections

If you are thinking of purchasing a vehicle, whether new or used, you can bring it on down to Integrity Automotive; and we will do a free pre-purchase inspection on your vehicle. We feel that this is an important service to offer our customers as they are making a big purchase and should know what they are investing in.

In this video we talk about a Toyota Corolla one of our customers brought in that they were thinking of purchasing. We noticed that the front crank seal was leaking, which is pretty minor; but they would not have known that otherwise. With the peace of mind that there were no major problems, our customer was able to feel much more confident about their purchase.

If you have an older Chevy truck (90’s - early 2000’s) you probably have noticed a strange and annoying ticking noise when you start your car that continues even after you turn your car off and remove the key. Here at Integrity Automotive we call it the “Machine Gun Rattle.”

That clicking or ticking noise is a failed Mode Actuator Door or Blend Door Actuator on your heater box. The worst part about this particular problem is where it is located. It is tucked in between your heater box and your firewall.

There are two ways to stop the ticking: the first is to disconnect the mode actuator or the second is to completely remove the dash so you can remove the heater box to replace the actuator.

Here at Integrity Automotive we have learned through talking to our customers that they have been checking their fluid levels improperly and could possibly be damaging their vehicles by not having enough or having too much fluid in their car.

Two examples are power steering and transmission fluid. Both of these checks need to be done while the car is running. Some even may require the vehicle to be in Neutral and NOT Park. So be sure to check the dipstick of your vehicle.

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