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Here at Integrity Automotive we have learned through talking to our customers that they have been checking their fluid levels improperly and could possibly be damaging their vehicles by not having enough or having too much fluid in their car.

Two examples are power steering and transmission fluid. Both of these checks need to be done while the car is running. Some even may require the vehicle to be in Neutral and NOT Park. So be sure to check the dipstick of your vehicle.

What’s New at Integrity Automotive?

Today at Integrity Automotive we are talking about the importance of regular car maintenance. We know this winter has been brutal, and you have been putting off as much as you can. But it is warming up and time to take care of your car.

Like the example in our video, this customer brought their car into Integrity Automotive because of a small coolant leak. This problem turned out to be a warped thermostat housing. Luckily for this customer they brought it in right away. If they had waited this small fix could have been a larger fix with a new serpentine belt and possibly more!

Remember, just like we have to go to the doctor for a checkup, we have to make sure we get our cars checked out so they keep going strong. Call us today to ensure your next trip doesn’t end before it begins because of car trouble!

15% OFF Pre-Summer Service and Inspection Sale Services include:

• Check and top off all fluids
• Tune-Up
• Belts
• Engine Performance
• Brakes

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What’s New at Integrity Automotive?

Today Integrity Automotive wants to explain a little bit about the importance of wheel bearings. In this example we are using a 1999 GMC Sierra with over 300,000 mile on it. Yes that’s a LOT OF MILES but this is a common issue in pretty much any car.

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