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The Importance of Having a Quality Car Repair Shop Change Your Oil, Oil Starvation 

Integrity Automotive wants to talk about oil starvation. Oil starvation basically means when the oil in your cars engine doesn’t get to all the places inside your engine that needs it. This lack of lubrication causes similar problems to your car that lack of water causes to your body (dehydration).

This is a good example of why it is important to have a quality car repair / mechanic change your oil. Here at Integrity Automotive this is one of the many extras we check for when you schedule an oil change with us.

Integrity Automotive wants to talk about a common issue we have seen lately. Some or all the lights and gauges have been failing in GM trucks. To illustrate the problem we are using a 2004 Chevy Silverado. Usually a few gauges and lights stop working. In this Chevy the entire instrument panel has failed. The most obvious issue with an inoperable dash is you do not know how fast you are driving!

Integrity Automotive wants to talk about the importance of routine maintenance and checks. Unlike the quick in-and-out oil shops, this is part of what we do at your routine oil changes at Integrity Automotive. In addition to changing your oil, we go through and look at your car as a whole and inspect it front to back.

One of the things we check for is your E-Brake (parking brake or emergency brake). That little piece of technology is often forgotten about as we drive our cars. Drivers rarely use parking brakes since the invention of automatic transmissions, except when on a steep hill. But parking brakes are an important part of your car and need to be inspected just like your regular brakes you use every day.

Integrity Automotive wants to explain how important it is to “listen” to your car. In this video Chris talks about a BMW 2006 Mini Cooper S. The driver started noticing the car just wasn’t driving as well as previously, and the check engine light turned on so they knew it was time to have it checked out.

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