Nope You Aren’t Seeing Double


For those who have followed us for a while you might think Rob Ayres from Ayres Muffler Brake and Alignment’s truck is back again, but two points for anyone who noticed the difference! Click here to see our first post.

This is another one of Rob’s trucks, a Ford F-100 Ranger. If anyone has ever noticed his truck driving around with a Christmas tree lit up in the back, this is it! This was Rob’s daily commuter (until we fixed up the F-250) so now Rob is having Integrity Automotive’s classic car specialists get to work on this classic beauty.


As a daily commuter, the engine needed some work and was consuming a lot of oil so our certified engine specialist installed this rebuilt Ford LTD engine. Rob also has come to enjoy the pleasure of air conditioning in the summer after we added it to his F-250 so we are adding in a new heating and air conditioning system as well.

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