Look Familiar?


Yes, you have seen this 1969 AMC AMX before. After enjoying this classic for a while, the owner started to notice a few new problems with it. The most concerning of which was that the battery was not charging properly. After closer inspection from one of our classic car specialists, we found that both the alternator and voltage regulator had failed.

While we have it the owner also asked our car care technician to adjust the driver door so it would close flush. This is an important thing to note in your vehicle. If the door is not closing properly it may not be making a complete seal which will lead to water leaking into the vehicle. This creates a damp driving experience and possible water damage inside the vehicle.

Finally, there were the windshield wipers (yes, this poor guy was lucky we live in Nevada the land of little water, until now of course). In classic cars like this AMX the windshield wipers were controlled by a vacuum opposed to electricity, which of course makes replacing them next to impossible! So our classic car specialist sent them off to be refurbished.

After a bit of waiting for the windshield wiper motors, this beauty is back on the road, ready for the weather!

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