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Integrity Automotive’s certified classic car specialists were asked to do a full inspection and clean up on this 1941 Chevy Special Deluxe. Here at Integrity Automotive we often talk about our customers asking us to update or upgrade parts on classic cars.

This Chevy Special Deluxe owner wanted the opposite. He wanted it as close to the original showroom condition as possible. To accommodate Integrity Automotive customers request, our mechanics took off some newer upgraded parts and replaced them with remanufactured original parts to bring this beauty back to original restored condition.

If restoring your classic back to the original off the showroom look is what you are seeking on your classic car or truck, give Integrity Automotive a call today.

For those of you paying attention. You may have noticed something strange behind our classic car expert Chris in our last video on the 1939 Ford Dump Truck. They were bright red “somethings” right behind Chris and hard to miss. Watch the video for a closer look. Comment with your best guess (no fair asking Google). And the correct answer will win a prize!

Integrity Automotive’s certified classic car specialists took a stroll down memory lane with this classic 1939 Ford Dump Truck. This classic Ford truck was brought to Integrity Automotive by the owner of Quilici Construction. This classic has been retired from duty for a while, but they keep this beauty around for nostalgia.

This Ford Dump Truck was originally brought in because the owners were concerned it just wasn’t running right. After a thorough inspection by one of Integrity Automotive’s classic car specialists it was discovered there were issues with the ignition as well as the fuel pump had failed. Ignition systems and fuel pumps are common issue with classic cars that spend a lot of time sitting or in storage.

To get this classic beauty back where it belongs, the certified mechanics at Integrity Automotive replaced the fuel pump and changed the ignition ballast resistor (cuts voltage to old style points, which were used to tell the ignition system when to ignite each cylinder back in the day, after starting to protect points).

If you have a classic car that you would love to get out of the garage or just isn’t running as well as it used to. Give Integrity Automotive’s classic car specialists a call. We’ve seen it all! 


This 1949 MG TD was brought into Integrity Automotive by one of our customers wanting just that. They wanted to start enjoying their classic MG and not worry it would break down every time they took it out on the road.

If you have a classic car that you have been dreaming of rebuilding or just doesn’t run quite right but never have the time to work on it, get it out of storage and get it to the classic car repair specialists at Integrity Automotive so you can start enjoying your classic ride today!

This 1977 El Camino is in the process of going through a complete tear down and rebuild!

Previously Integrity Automotive’s classic car repair specialists ripped out the drive train. Now for the shiny and new! The rear end has been completely replaced except for the actual housing with a new gear ratio, addition of disk brace, and a new QA1 stage two suspension. For safety as this is a classic car Integrity Automotive’s classic car, mechanics also replaced the old fuel lines, brake lines, inspected the fuel tank, cleaned and painted items to prevent rust.

Next up? The engine and transmission. . .

If you have a classic car that you have been dreaming of rebuilding, but never have the time. Get it out of storage and get it to the classic car repair specialists at Integrity Automotive so you can start enjoying your classic car!

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