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Here is our certified auto mechanic Chris talking about this 1971 Chevy Camaro RS. This beautiful classic car and its owner are a great example of why at the first sign of an issue you should bring your car or truck to Integrity Automotive. What was a simple coolant leak at the intake manifold could have turned detrimental if left uncorrected. If ignored the Camaro could have ran out of coolant or the coolant could have mixed into the engine oil contaminating it and causing serious harm to the engine, including coolant being burnt in the combustion chambers causing poor run issues or contaminating the oil leading to bearing failure. All significantly are more expensive fixes.

Here is our certified auto mechanic Chris talking about a fun classic truck brought into us to work on. This 1972 Ford F-250 Custom Cab was brought into us to major overhaul to this classic truck. Our certified car technicians installed the rebuilt engine and transmission. One of the important things to note about Integrity Automotive is we do everything we can to ensure our customers’ vehicles are fixed right and look like it was fixed. 

Here is our certified auto mechanic Chris talking about an upgrade to the carburetor system in this 1967 Camaro. We have featured this beautiful Camaro before and couldn’t help but talk about it again. In this video we talk about the Sniper EFI System. The Sniper EFI is a great economic choice for street rods, muscle cars, off road truck or pretty much any vehicle with a carburetor.

This new system takes advantage of the latest technologies in the industry by using a computer system to measure the quantity of fuel and air going into the engine at any given time. This continually changing system is perfect for our area because the settings used for a traditional carburetor here will not be effective up in Tahoe, and the settings in Tahoe will not be as good here as an example.

Here is our certified auto mechanic Chris talking about a 1967 Camaro. This customer wanted to upgrade his headlights to custom halo ring LED lights. These LED headlights come in a ring for better visibility at night and give our customer the ability to change the colors for car shows. We would recommend red personally.

Integrity Automotive also added a manual control to the headlight doors. This custom upgrade will allow our customer to open the headlight doors at shows without having to leave the car on, wasting the battery.

At Integrity Automotive our goal is to honestly inform our customers of their options and let them choose what is best for their car/truck and their pocket book. Integrity Automotive prides itself on its upfront pricing with no hidden costs and whenever possible gives the customer multiple options to fit their needs and price range. Integrity Automotive’s goal has always been to help people make their car or truck better and more reliable.

Integrity Automotive wanted to feature this beautiful high performance classic 1966 Chervorlet Corvette Sting Ray. This customer brought in their performance vehicle for a tune up and check over. They wanted to make sure everything was running right and freshen up the fluids and spark plugs.

Hot August Nights Chevolet Sten Ray classic high performance car

If you brought your car out for Hot August Nights and noticed it wasn’t running the way you remember or something just seemed a little off. Give us a call and bring it down to Integrity Automotive for us to take a look at. That way when next July rolls around you aren’t standing there scratching your head going “hmmm wasn’t there something we needed to fix from last year”.

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