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This 1955 Chevy Bel Air was purchased online with just some beautiful pictures. Well, as we all know in this Instagram world, we can do a lot these days to make things look great on a computer screen. The customer went ahead and purchased the car and then brought it to us for the free inspection. Integrity Automotive’s classic car specialist did find quite a few minor issues. This owner still loves the car and is happy to have those issues repaired.

If you are looking to buy any type of car, PLEASE bring the car to Integrity Automotive BEFORE you buy! We can let you know what you are getting into to ensure you still want the vehicle and possibly get you a better deal.

For those of you that have been following along, this 1977 El Camino is in the process of going through a complete tear down and rebuild!

For the complete exhaust system upgrade Integrity Automotive’s classic car specialists collaborated with AYRES Muffler Brake and Alignment to make this lovely exhaust system. This custom system has electric exhaust cutouts, what our classic car specialist call “the fun button,” and the unique custom turns to get around the rear end and gas tank.

This 1932 Ford Coupe is a great show car, but show cars usually spend a lot of time in storage. With a lot of time in storage there comes decay which leads to leaks. Nothing is worse than pulling your show car out of the garage and finding a giant stain on your garage floor.

If you have a classic show car that has a pesky leak or two. Get it out of storage and get it to the classic car repair specialists at Integrity Automotive so you can start enjoying your classic car!

A customer recently purchased this uniquely-colored 1955 Ford F100. Integrity Automotive’s classic car specialists replaced the entire overdrive system, steering wheel, did a carburetor overhaul and are looking into an unknown vibration.

What is an overdrive system?

An overdrive gear system changes the stock three-speed gear box to run more like a six speed. Not a huge difference but it gives a little extra between gears. Integrity Automotive’s classic car specialist calls it a manual automatic.

We also replaced the passenger-side window. The window was not installed properly so when the window was cranked all the way up it cracked. Integrity Automotive’s classic car specialists ordered a new piece from Fast Glass and installed it.


Integrity Automotive’s certified classic car specialists were asked to do a full inspection and clean up on this 1941 Chevy Special Deluxe. Here at Integrity Automotive we often talk about our customers asking us to update or upgrade parts on classic cars.

This Chevy Special Deluxe owner wanted the opposite. He wanted it as close to the original showroom condition as possible. To accommodate Integrity Automotive customers request, our mechanics took off some newer upgraded parts and replaced them with remanufactured original parts to bring this beauty back to original restored condition.

If restoring your classic back to the original off the showroom look is what you are seeking on your classic car or truck, give Integrity Automotive a call today.

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