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Tim Dickey, Owner / Automotive Technician

Tim stated Integrity Automotive in 2010 to give customers a better experience when a came to car repair. Tim is a Master Auto Technician and specializes in exotic, performance and race cars. Tim has always enjoyed cars and working on them. “When I was a baby I had a wrench in my hand,” said Tim.

When asked what the number one tip he gives his own friends and family when it comes to ensure their cars run smoothly his answer was clear. “Service your car… routine maintenance will always save you money in the long run.”

When Tim isn’t fixing cars he spends his free time with his family including his wife Laurie, and their two dogs Mister and Brave.


Chris Dickey, Automotive Technician

Chris has worked at Integrity Automotive since 2013. After serving 10 years in the Marine Corps, Chris came home and had difficulty finding a decent job. After, expressing his struggle Tim said he could always use an extra hand at the shop and Chris jumped at the opportunity.  Chris loves the diversity of cars that come into Integrity Automotive, Chris has worked on race cars, antique/vintage cars, street cars and everything in between. “Plus, getting to work alongside my father, one of the greatest auto technician’s I know and helping build his business into what he has always wanted is a dream come true!”

Chris has always been interested in the auto industry, in his spare time he enjoys working and playing on anything with a motor and tires. Old or new, from motorcycles to rock crawlers to drag racing he is ready to jump in and work on it.

In Chris‘s spare time he enjoys quality time with his son Gabriel, bowling and playing with his dog Rhylie.

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