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Integrity Engines technician Chris shows off this 1969 McLaren M10A. Race cars, particularly their engines, need maintenance just like your regular car or truck. To ensure this McLaren race car performs well every time, our race engine techs routinely work and maintain this race car.

As you can see in this video opposed to the last time we featured this vehicle the back wings are missing. This is because race cars have a lot of the same parts your car at home has just crammed into a much smaller space. So in order to reach and check a lot of the engine components, it is necessary to dismantle some of the race car.

If you need restoration or maintenance of your new or classic race car give Integrity Engines a call today.

Do you like to win? Integrity Engines has NEVER lost a race due to engine failure!

Integrity Engines is our “other business” for those unaware. In addition to fixing street cars (the cars we drive around every day) we work on custom race engines. 

Integrity Engines next race will be October 6-8 at the NASA Western National Championships at Thunderhill Raceway.

Integrity Automotive is featuring this beautiful 1985 Ferrari 308GTS. We did a few things on this beauty including clutch replacement and a tune up, but we wanted to focus on the timing belt replacement.

As the generations change and incomes increase and costs go down, we see the increase in people purchasing their dream cars. This Ferrari that a lot of you may recognize as the same model driven by Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I. is such a dream car. 

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